Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 years of Service and more appreciated

On Sunday September 5th on the back streets of Downtown Los Angeles, an assembly took place. The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) returned for its annual event. Ramadan a fasting month for spiritual reflection, improvement and obligated charity. Humanitarian Day has been apart of the Los Angeles Muslim community for the past 10 years. A social network of volunteers, organizations and institutions forms this interfaith coalition. Sharing resources addressing advocacy of homelessness,  its misaddressed policies and most of all the provision of medial, meals and new items for those in need. The CPHD will begin to address America's social ill - homelessness.

Humanitarian Day increased in relationships this year. Strong institutions supported the coalition's efforts with in kind donations, presence and event planning. Existing partners such as Hearts of Mercy, Orange County Islamic Foundation, Islamic Community of Irvine were joined by the Los Angeles Police Department and Macy's Department Stores. Muslim Society of America (MAS Valley) sponsored the long awaited H-Day bags, relationship is what make this event so special. 

In ten years H-Day has always been sponsored from the generosity of the coalition. The Church of Latter Day Saints partnership provides hygiene and schools - medical services are provided by the Umma Community Clinic, makes H-Day health conscience event. Los Angeles alone has 200,000 homeless individuals living below standards. 

Over the past ten years, H-Day has been featured in over 20 cities across America serving 60,000 people with the help of nearly 20,000 volunteers; making Humanitarian not only a tradition, but the largest gathering of Muslims serving humanity in the United States. In 2007 international site were added; Indonesia and Ghana. Both having very different demographics from each other and the United States, but all serving the people with Dignity, Love and Respect. 


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