About Us

ILM Foundation (ILM) is a faith based 501 c 3 non-Profit organization founded by Imam Saadiq Saafir in 1998. Imam Naim Shah Jr. is currently the Executive Director and co-founder along with Hanafi Shakur. I.L.M. means “knowledge” in Arabic and the acronym means Intellect Love and Mercy. ILM’s mission is to “Teach life skills to replace social ills.”

Humanitarian Day (HD) is the largest collective Muslim organized charitable event in America during the month of Ramadan. This event highlights Muslims working with other faiths to serve those in need. The most important aspect of this day is treating those served; with respect, love, and dignity in combination of various gift items and health screening services.

ILM Foundation and coalition partners co-coordinated the national campaign from 2005 and 2006. Humanitarian Day Organization established in 2006 to preserve the mission of Humanitarian Day (HD) and lead by its original community based event model.

The Origin of Humanitarian Day:

ILM Foundation founded Humanitarian Day in 2000, but credit goes to our Creator who instructs us to have the following attitude “And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive. Saying, We feed you only for sake of Allah. We wish not from you reward or thanks” 78:6-7. Masjid Ibaadillah, Project Islamic Hope, and Dawah 2000 all preceded the ILM with organized homeless feeding programs on skid row. ILM, however, was the first to coordinate a united coalition during the month of Ramadan in an effort to serve the homeless and circulate resources between Muslim communities for those less fortunate. ILM’s Founder Imam Saadiq Saafir, resident Imam of Masjid Ibaadillah, life's work is devoted to uniting the local Muslim community. He's one of the co-founders of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California www.shuracouncil.org and is the main reason why HD in Los Angeles was so successful.

The Muslim community heavily focused on International issues appeared inimical to domestic projects. The community questioned if ILM should coordinated HD during Ramadan. ILM felt Ramadan was the best month to highlight Muslim working together for the welfare of those in need. September 11, 2001 was what shifted the Muslims community’s outlook from international to domestic projects. ILM Foundation’s Humanitarian Day concept as a result, became a great outlet to re-fortify the Muslim identity after 9/11.

Imam Saadiq would constantly say, “Faith must be put into action, Islam is a Social Religion. After 9/11, I told the community we do not need to say anything we need to do something”

The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) established in 2002 by the ILM solidifying this united effort. CPHD included Friend in Deed, Islamic Relief, UMMA Community Clinic, SAC International, Islamic Society of Orange County, SABA Trust, Islamic Center Irvine, Orange County Islamic Foundation, Dawah 2000, MPAC, Islamic Center of Corona-Norco, HADI, Masjid Ibaadillah and many other organizations.

HD, first expanded to San Jose under the leadership Br. Ahmed El Dardiry who partnered with the Rahima Foundation, they hosted their first Humanitarian Day in 2004. There theme was “The Muslim Unity for Human Dignity”. Br. Ahmed only tool to inspire the community was the 2003 video of Humanitarian Day Los Angeles.

In preparing for 2005, ILM Foundation management met with coalition partners to coordinate a united effort to spread the Humanitarian Day's concept nation wide. The national effort for 2005 took place in five cities nation wide. In 2006, thirteen more cities joined the effort and by the grace of Allah in 2007 twenty two cites. ILM Foundation and the CPHD's goal  is to preserve the original model, through Humanitarian Day Organization and spread this effort nationally and beyond.

In the Quran a question is posed by our Creator in regards to growth it reads,
“Is it you that make it grow, or are we We the Grower?” Surah 56:64. ILM Foundation is extremely grateful to be part of such an effort and pray all those who participate become great source of blessings for the community they serve.