Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is S.E.E.D?

“Plant the SEED and Pray for Rain” S.E.E.D. is an acronym for Social Empowerment and Economic Development. A created concept out of the ILM Foundation's mission "Teaching Life Skills, to Replace Social Ills".

This concept revolves around our current U.S. recession, In Sha Allah (GodWilling), and what it will take to ensure our future, we should “Plant a SEED and Pray for Rain” and cultivate our areas. A necessary concern we need action on, and Humanitarian Day can help in this effort. In response to this year’s economy and reports on spending, the ILM Foundation will take strategic approaches for fund raising. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear what’s on your mind.

In addition, if the ILM Foundation schedule a conference between now and Ramadan about surviving this economic crunch, would you attend for a reasonable donation? Name an amount you most feel comfortable in giving.

Please join this blog and begin our conversation...Thank you.

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  1. Please do not jumped on this fresh idea, I know how it goes; joking, but seriously don't....Umar Let's work together instead, I will appreciate that.


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