Monday, May 25, 2009

Domestic Homeless Awareness Campaign starts in June for Humanitarian Day

Los Angeles June 2009 – The month of June will begin community awareness and education about homelessness in Southern California, regarding its estimated over 68,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County. Several organizations are planning to service the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Inland Empire and Orange County in the month of Ramadan with Humanitarian Day (HD).

Founders and organizer, ILM Foundation whose mission is, “Teaching Life Skills to Replace Social Ills”, will coordinate with community partners for Skid Row’s 10th Annual Humanitarian Day. HD’s domestic events service communities every Ramadan with tangible items, food, hygiene products and medical screenings. “Preserving human dignity is our main service” says Naim Shah Jr, ILM Foundation’s Executive Director. He further states, “Education is very important informing the people will hopefully stimulate more activities in assisting our local governments with this problem.”
The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) coordinators will include Project Uplift in the Inland Empire, South Central’s Bilal Learning Center, Los Angeles Umma Clinic, Masjid Al Shareef in Long Beach, the Muslim community of Orange County for Santa Ana and Ar Raazaq Food Pantry in Kansas City. These organizations have a domestic concern about issues that affect their communities and will utilize resources in helping it.

Humanitarian Day was founded and established in Los Angeles 9th District and HD has been held in 21 cities across the United States since 2001 servicing over 70,000 people. Two African countries; Ghana and Indonesia have also established HD’s mission to “Convert One Day into a Life’s Mission” and with the help of more sponsoring organizations HD will continue to provide good will found within its service.

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