Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Humanitarian Day 3rd Year in Orange County

The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity has created special relationships through Humanitarian Day (HD) events; both Muslim and Interfaith communities. Since its conception, HD has countered the negative public identity of Muslim Americans post 9/11 and established a character reflecting; a religious obligation of charitable good will for mankind. Not just HD, but along with coalition partners of various organizations; are all in pursuit of expressing a combined Muslim narrative of valuable historic contributions. Humanitarian Day will continue the work of preserving dignity.

On Friday April 16, 2009 the Orange County Islamic Foundation met with ILM Foundation, HD founders, to discuss plans for the 3rd Annual Humanitarian Day in Orange County. In a 2006 report Orange County has just over 35,000 people who have experienced homelessness, this annual event normally held in OC's Santa Ana Civic Center is making a positive impact upon the people of Orange County.

"2010 Marks 10 Years of Service!" In a decade together we have served 27 U.S. domestic cities, providing for nearly 60,000 people with close to 20,000 dedicated volunteers. An accomplishment only our Creator has provided, for it is He that grows our model of Social Empowerment Educational Development (SEED™).

Southern Californian cities has the largest count of homelessness in United States, and HD will continue serving such locations as; Downtown Los Angeles Skid Row (10th year), South Central (3rd year), Long Beach and Pasadena (2nd year) areas.

Humanitarian Day an event reflecting the conscience of moral humanity in providing necessary materials and medical attention, most people take for granted. We are greatly humbled to have made it this far, serving and preserving the character of sincere and dedicated people. We have two words for everyone "THANK YOU".

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