Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You might ask, "What is Humanitarian Day 101?"

It is....

Humanitarian Day 101
Saturday August 7th 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Masjid Al Shareef
2104 Orange Ave, Long Beach, California

Group Discussions
Session 1: Conversation with H-Day Coordinators

• Dr. Altaf Kazi/ Dr. Khaliq Siddiq
• Debra Hasan (CAL)/ Marta Khadijah (LALMA)

The 10 year impact of Humanitarian Day – presented by ILM Foundation

Motivational Speaker: “ Convert One Day to Life Mission” by Naim Shah Sr.

Session 2: Youth Speak on H-Day's Impact
• Khadijah El-amin & Imani Rogers
• Razan Duella

Humanitarian Day for America & the Future – presented by ILM Foundation

Session 3: Ramadan a Month for Humanity
• Steve & Judy Gilland, Latter Day Saints Church
• Milia Islam-Majeed, Director South Coast Interfaith Council.
• Humanitarian day Recipient
• Victor, Director LA County Educational Office

Special Guest Speaker: H-Day's Future by Fareed Farukhi, Friends in Deed

Closing with Ramadan Reminder by Imam Saadiq Saafir & Imam Ameen Omar

An exciting tentative list of speakers for discusion. We encourage all to attend what is said to be, "an abundance of information presented yearly by the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity."

Please invite others and let's prepare for a good event. Please check this Blogger for an event near you.

"Thank you for an Opportunity to Serve" ....Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity
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