Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank You Community Fund of The Boeing Company

The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity and Humanitarian Day, are very thankful to The Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company. Providing a grant for the ongoing work of Humanitarian Day, helping "Convert One Day into a Life's Mission." 

The Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company (known as ECF or the Fund) is a unique employee-owned and directed giving program that allows employees to support the needs of their local communities via tax-deductible recurring payroll deductions or one-time gifts. 

Humanitarian Day a direct service project, founded by the ILM Foundation. H-Day is a model of Social Empowerment and Economic Development (SEED) conceptually to generate activity and resources for procuring local relief efforts. H-Day a California campaign since 2000, currently advocates its social outreach message domestically and across international territories. Our mission addresses; homelessness, education and social division. Procuring resources for direct service distribution – for free items such as; health care, food, clothing, blankets, and women products. 

Employee contributions are either directed to an ECF pooled fund or to an eligible nonprofit of the employee's choice through payroll deductions or one-time gifts. Boeing pays all administrative costs for the Fund so that 100% of every employee dollar contributed goes to support the community. More than 4,000 nonprofit organizations benefit each year from the average $31 million in employee contributions each year. ECF is actually made up of many locally owned, employee-managed pooled funds at more than 60 sites around the world. Each Fund tailors its giving to meet community needs.

Funding decisions for the pooled funds are the sole responsibility of local ECF boards or committees in accordance with the best interests of the community and its membership. Board and committee members perform their duties on an unpaid volunteer basis, usually spending a good deal of personal time on their duties. 

Each ECF board and committee is responsible for carefully studying organizations that appeal for support in accordance with all governing Boeing policies, regulations and operating procedures. Additionally, local ECF boards and committees are responsible for all follow-up, decision making and reporting to its membership and we are appreciative to have been approved for our service, THANK YOU....

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