Sunday, September 9, 2012

Humanitarian Day International

Humanitarian Day (H-Day) a domestic direct service, having its origin in Downtown Los Angeles' Skid Row community. An event during Ramadan providing needs, goods and services for; individuals, families in transition, and the homeless.

In 2007-2008  H-Day's outreach expanded internationally to, Ghana and Indonesia. There our focus is more on medical and nutritional support, youth development and urban planning. Over the years, your contributions have gone forth to provide...
  • Medical and Nutritional support in Indonesia
  • Youth Development and Education for healthy bodies and minds in Ghana
  • The completion of facilities for community services and hygiene support
  • Community iftars during Ramadan
Now in 2012, H-Day International has started grass-root efforts in Jedda, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. These efforts are the beginning and vision of H-Day's mission statement, Convert one into a Life's Mission. In Ethiopia, your contribution helped provide an iftar for Orphans; and Ghana was education and asisstance for students. A healthy meal for growing minds and education for healthy minds, Thank you!
ILM Foundation's Naim Shah Jr. in Ghana for H-Day Ghana

H-Day Ethiopia's Iftar
Recently the H-Day soul has arrived in Jedda, Saudi Arabia. The Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity are  providing health care packets for those residents who are less fortunate. Watch here, out of respect this clip only documents what is necessary; safe guarding privacy and one's dignity.

 H-Day international is growing and we need your prayers (dua) support to continue this work, that provides blessings for everyone. 
Humanitarian Day is dedicated to direct social services and education for those displaced or homeless in America and abroad. We are not a political party and/or group who deals for with domestic or foreign policy matters. We pray for Safe Spaces for those unprotected, homes for those unsheltered, jobs for those unemployed, and basic necessities for all in need. Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve!

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