Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Ar Razaaq Food Pantry under the banner of Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity

(CPHD) has successfully assisted the American public along with Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Texas, as well as Ghana and Indonesia and other domestic sites. The Pantry’s H-Day event took place on Saturday, September 12th. Part of their mission is: “People Serving People for God Sake.” Chairperson for H-Day Kansas City, Alia T. Muhammad says, "H-Day serves those withless without regard to race, gender, or religion, especially during this economic hardship.” The anticipation and spirit was high. The service provided included first, a warm greeting; a warm meal; bottled water; adult hygiene kits; infant kits; school supplies and medical screenings such as rapid HIV testing, blood pressure, diabetes and vital signs. We served 102 adults and perhaps an equal number of young children, whom expressed gratitude to the volunteers.

We thank Allah (SWT), for bestowing mercy in abundance. Allah blessed us with beautiful weather and for the gracious volunteers from the Universal Peace Church in Kansas City, Kansas (Rev. Peeter Saarna’s youth group, “Service for Peace”); members from Al-Inshirah Islamic Center; members from Al-Haqq Islamic Center; KC Free Health Clinic; Kansas City Urban Impact Center; Samuel Rogers Health Clinic; and many other individuals who received an email and just showed up with perishable food items and fresh fruits and healthy 2010 recipe calendars.

We were soooo! thankful for our Al-Inshirah Islamic Center for allowing us to co-host H-Day in their parking lot. This is an area of high need for health information and outreach services. We are thankful to the Muslim businesses, Jerusalem Café and Bakery, India Emporium and Olive Café and Bakery who donated chicken and Lamar’s donuts. It truly made our day when $300 was donated to our food pantry.

Although, the Press did not respond, this humanitarian outreach has left a profound impact between the Muslim community and those less fortunate.
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