Monday, September 21, 2009


Coordinators of Humanitarian Day Ghana was ILM Foundation and Bureau for Social Services (BSS), non-governmental organization based in Mamobi a suburb of Accra. This year effort focused on providing food and cash assistance to those disabled, blind, destitute, orphans, students, widows, and divorcees with children, seniors and sick (one in particular suffering from kidney-related problem). For the past two years Humanitarian Day Ghana provided over 400 breast screening, community Ramadan Iftars, educational scholarshp and cash stipens. The recipient of the largest part of the assistance was an undergraduate student pursing Islamic studies in Libya, who received funds to facilitate his homecoming to reunite with his family after almost three years.

Although there has been a substantial overall decline in the incidence of poverty in Ghana poverty still has a firm grip on rural areas, especially in the north. About 51 per cent of the poor people in Ghana live in rural areas. Poor rural people have limited access to basic social services, safe water, all-year roads, electricity and telephone services. Women are deeply affected. More than half of the women who are heads of households in rural areas are among the poorest 20 per cent of the population. Women bear heavy workloads. They are responsible for 55 to 60 per cent of agricultural production. With the above facts the Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity, as social network of volunteers, sponsors and organization committed to establish Humanitarian Day projects in America and abroad, will began to move support beyond the urban areas of Ghana into these much neglected rural areas. Humanitarian Day Ghana said one receipant " Is a blessing, we thank God for Please continue to make our life better!"
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