Tuesday, September 29, 2009

H-Day Indonesia 2009

Humanitarian Day Indonesia 2009 have been done successfully! The team made several events such as food charity, short course on cacao (based on natural potential and villagers' need), Short Qur'an school for kids, and Tabligh Akbar (sermon). We chose to conduct this year's HD in a relatively remote place, a village about 4000 high from sea level, and Masya Allah (God So Will Good) the response was very warm!
We will make a full report inshaAllah (God Willing) soon after Eid, but for now I'll just dash you some of the pictures we took yesterday and today. All this can not be done without the patience, generosity, and duas (supplications) from brothers and sisters of ILM! Please let them know that we, and the recipient of HD are very grateful for this great opportunity to share, and we can not give you anything in return but to pray that Allah would grant you all doors to Jenna and that Allah accepts and doubles your good deeds, and may Allah forgive all our sins, Aamiin!
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