Tuesday, September 29, 2009

H-Day Las Vegas 2009

Humanitarian Day Las Vegas focused on cultiviating youth activism during the month of Ramdan. The Coaliton to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD) joined a network of volunteers and sponsors to host the 4th Annual Humanitarian Day Las Vegas. CPHD particpants included Masjid As Sabur, Al Maun Foundation, ILM Foundation, www.LVMuslim.com, Omar Hikal Academy, Muslim Cub Scouts, Green Machine Youth Football program and Masjid Ibrahim.

The Day began with the Muslim cub scouts delivering a large truck load donation of toys and clothing collected during Ramadan from the Omar Hikal Academy Muslim community. It was a remarkable sight to see over 20 youth along with parents working side by side emptying the truck and organizing the collected good for the community to select what the desired.

Some of the youth were fasting. Imam Fateen, Director of Al Maun Foundation and Imam Naim Shah Jr, National Director of ILM, coordinated the orientation, which explained the background of Humanitarian Day and the days activity. After the orientation the youth were inspired to build their muscles by helping others. Collective a team of over thirty volunteers organized the outdoor Humanitarian Day neighborhood store. Br. Asad, HD vounteer, organized the half mile community clean up. It was great to witness a transformation of areas full of dirt but after the Humanitarian Day team finished the area was clean.

It was great, community residents appeared very proud to see this effort. One community member said, " It great to see people take care of this community that is so often neglected". During our closing secession ILM and Al Maun Foundation on behalf of CPHD presented community grant to the Green Machine Youth Football team to assist youth avoid negative elements in the community by committing themselves to athletics and academics. CPHD would like to give special thanks to Dr. Hilal for offering his services for youth sports physicals. The entire day included service, cleaning, health and putting our faith into actions.

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