Sunday, July 11, 2010

Muslims, 10 Years of Organizing Charity Interfaith Events

Humanitarian Day 2010 – Since 2000 the Los Angeles Muslim Community under the banner “Coalition to Preserve Human Dignity (CPHD)” have been able to successfully reflect true Islamic principles around social/ civic duties by engaging America’s domestic problems. Collectively organizing of supporting resources; both intra and interfaith organizations for effective collaborations that serves the homeless with “Dignity, Love and Respect.” On Sunday September 5th in Downtown Los Angeles; the ILM Foundation and the CPHD will host its 10th Annual Humanitarian Day (HD) a health fair for the homeless, jobless and uninsured.

Since 2000, founding organization ILM Foundation has organized events serving the needy, where line items are distributed such as; hygiene kits, warm meals, clothing and medical services by the Umma Community Clinic; all are administered and given free of charge. Over the past 10 years HD has been hosted in over 20 cities nationwide serving a collective count of 60, 000 people and have accounted for nearly 20, 000 volunteers participated. International efforts covering African countries such as; Ghana and Indonesia with annual events, will soon add more sites. “Convert One Day into a Life’s Mission” is the CPHD’s intention of developing a universal system of direct social services which will include job training, health care and education services.

Humanitarian Day will also be hosted in Oakland, California; Santa Ana in Orange County, the Inland Empire and Long Beach are all scheduled for events this Ramadan; the first starting right before fasting days with Baltimore, Maryland on August 7th. A Humanitarian Day event is “Faith in Action” counteracting negative stereotypes of Muslims in America. It is a faith filled action for American citizens; practiced along with leading interfaith organizations and communities for a great, but much needed cause.

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